Hello and welcome to Girl on Fire! The personal blog of me, Bethany.

I have been a lover of words for as long as I have known how to read and many times I have fantasized about becoming a famous author or the editor of a big publication. For now though, I have worked hard to build up this personal blog as well as my second blog and magazine, Every Girl’s Adventure.

I started Girl on Fire┬áin 2016 as a place to put down all my random comedic sarcasm as well as the more interesting and important topics to me. I didn’t believe I would have a very large readership but for the few who enjoyed my content, I wanted to make it funny if not relatible and intriguing. The name “Girl on Fire” is a pretty obvious nod to The Hunger Games, but it also represents more of my heart behind why I write and post things for people to read. Comedic posts aside, I want to influence and inspire the people who read me. I want to encourage them to grow and become the best versions of themselves. That’s kind of what I’m all about as a person.

And so, Reader, I hope you enjoy your stay at Girl on Fire and that you like what you read. As I have only been doing this for a little over a year, I am still new and haven’t figured it all out yet. But I promise that if you stick with me, I’ll provide you with something to laugh about, relate with, ponder over, and learn.

Thanks for your interest!