Interview with Prince Addison 

As the new book The Corination by Livy Jarmusch nears its release, I had the opportunity to interview the character Prince Addison here on my blog! I hope you enjoy! 

1: So Addison, as you are nearly 21 it’s almost time for you to inherit the throne of Tarsurella! Are you excited?! 

Yes, of course! I’m not going to lie, it’s a little bit nerve-wrecking. I mean, I’ve been preparing for this position my entire life and wow…it’s a bit hard to fathom that it’s close to happening. It’s pretty surreal, and I don’t think the reality of it is going to sink in until the day of my Coronation. 

2: With this upcoming change of power comes expectations for you as the new ruler from the people who loved your father’s rule. How do you plan on meeting these expectations and raising the bar as king? 

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of weight involved. The citizens of Tarsurella adore my Father, and I can see why. He purposes to take time out of his busy schedule and meet with his people, hearing their complaints and suggestions, and just really reminding them that he cares. Obviously it’s impossible for us to respond to every beckon call of our people, and we can’t make the world a perfect place overnight, but my Dad has always been committed to the process, as well as letting the people know that he has their best interest in mind. I hope to follow in his footsteps. As far as raising the bar goes, I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to! Haha. My Father has set such high standards for us as a nation, it’s going to take everything within me to keep maintaining and continuing what he has set for us. But I’m committed to do that. I know that there are issues are people are growing restless about, and I plan to confront those things head on.

3: In addition to being the next king, you are also the most wanted bachelor in the kingdom. How do you manage to keep such a cool head with all the girls chasing you for love? 

Oh goodness, I never know how to respond to those kinds of statements! Whenever magazines interview me and ask, ‘So how does it feel to be Tarsurella’s most wanted single man?!’ I just have to shake my head and think, ‘What is wrong with you people?’ Haha! 

I mean, it’s not exactly normal to have screaming girls outside your gate, and obsessed fans longing to know whether you’re a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’. Like, does that really matter? It’s just too strange. So I mean, I guess it’s flattering in a way, but I know their ‘undying adoration’ for me isn’t that realistic. The majority of those girls have never meet me, and I think they’re far more in love with the ‘romantic fantasy’ of whatever whimsical way the press paints my life to be, than the real me, you know? But as far as not getting a big head, I have seven younger siblings. And they’re not shy when it comes to pointing out my flaws. I am in no danger of thinking unrealisticly about myself, so long as I’ve got them around! We all keep each other grounded. 😉      

4: And finally, what is the first big change you hope to make as the new king? 

Well, the first major task is going to be getting our Palace Staff changeover to transition smoothly. Many of the men who worked with my Dad all these years are retiring, and come January, we’re going to have a lot of new faces around. So building a strong foundation for the new administration is going to be my main focus. Like my Dad always says, if you don’t have a strong foundation and deep root system, anything else you try to build on top of it isn’t going to last. So before we jump into making any major changes or taking on huge projects, we’ve gotta make sure that the foundation is strong. Thankfully my Dad will be around and can continue to direct me with Godly council during the early stages of my new rule.  

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The Pride of Adulthood 

I have done one of the scariest things I ever could do. Something I never believed I was strong enough for.

 I left.

 I left my family behind in Indiana and traveled across the country to Idaho to live on my own. And I was terrified. I still am a little. But instead of just telling you about it (because what kind of writer would I be if I just did that 😉) allow me to show you what I have done 🙂 

This picture may look a little strange to you. Maybe even a little lonely considering it is a dinner table set for only one. But for me, this is it. This represents everything I’ve worked for, everything I was scared of doing. This is the very first dinner I cooked for myself in my very first apartment. The first time I was truly out on my own. It may not look like much: a bowl of noodles and soup courtesy of my mom who hooked me up with some groceries before I left and a plastic cup of tea from a friend, but for me this means a whole lot more. And it is a possibility that it looks lonely. The lack of a dinner guest and an empty table save for two apples my grandma gave me. But lonely isn’t how I would describe it. 

I sat there that evening at my apartment and with the low hum of the refrigerator in the background providing the only noise in the silent house, I thought about how incredible this all was. I was sitting in a place of my own, far away from my family, and very much alone at the moment (unless of course you count the company of my cat.) And I was so happy that I took a picture! I was happy because this was what I was afraid of doing, I never believed I had the strength to live on my own and provide for myself. I didn’t ever imagine I would get to that place. And yet there I was. 

This is everything I have worked for, and everything I will continue to work for. And I now believe in myself more because of it. I never thought I could, but I did anyway and that dinner alone was the evidence of that. 

I have been so terrified that I was wrong about myself, that I couldn’t actually do the things I dreamed of and that I’m not as strong as I believed I could be. And though there are still many, many moments where I doubt myself, I don’t believe I’ll let them stand in my way. I was scared that I would fail at providing for myself, that college would be too much for me to handle and that I would have to return to my mom with the disappointment that I hadn’t lived up to what she believed I could do. And though I still fear that, I know that if it does happen, it won’t be the end of the world. It won’t be the end of my world. 

Now, I’m not just going to make this a post about my own empowerment, there’s something for you here too. If I can step way out of the boundaries of what I believed I was capable of and do what I dreamed of, then there’s no reason why you can’t either. There is nothing special about me, no resource or special upbringing or trait that sets me apart. I have had my fair share of trials and heartbreak. But if I don’t let that stop me, then what’s your excuse? Why would you settle for something less than extraordinary? After all, if a sheltered homeschooler can leave their family and live on their own for college, then you should definitely be able to 😉 

It’s time to stop making excuses as to why your happiness isn’t achieveable. You have a strength inside you that you don’t even know about yet. Test yourself and don’t be afraid if you discover exactly what you are capable of. 

I believe in you, why shouldn’t you believe in yourself?