One Year of Girl on Fire

May 16, 2017

One year ago today I started my blog.

Well, technically speaking, that’s not actually true. I first started Girl on Fire over on Blogger in October 2015 but after a few months of thought, I decided to switch to WordPress and actually get serious about writing and making a difference with my blog. And I hope that’s what I’ve done so far.

The naming of the blog was actually my favorite part. I did a lot of thinking on what I should call it, but nothing really seemed to sum up what my blog was all about while still sounding cool and like something I would personally want to read. Being the Hunger Games nerd that that I am, Girl on Fire stood out to me for a couple of reasons.  Besides being an obvious nod to The Hunger Games, Girl on Fire seemed to express the person I was and hope to be. I wanted to be ignited with passion for change. I wanted to make a difference and not be forgotten. I wanted to stand out as a bright light of hope in a relatively dark world. Most of all, I wanted to influence others. I wanted to light fires in the people around me and in the people who I don’t even know. I wanted to inspire them to make a difference and change the problems they face instead of just giving up. And a blog with a tacky name like Girl on Fire was the venue I’ve chosen to do that through.

Though most of the posts on here are slightly comedic and don’t really have that much to do with inspiring myself or others, there have been a select few that I have really been passionate about writing and that I really wanted to share with the people who want to read this blog. And even though sarcasm is what I’m good at, I am hoping that in the next year of writing this blog I can make more of the content that makes me proud and passionate about what I’ve chosen to do.

However, there’s no way you would even be reading this post on a strange blog named from The Hunger Games written by an ordinary 19 year old if it weren’t for a few special people. Fires don’t just spontaneously ignite, and that’s what this post is really about. I have been blessed enough to have a support system of people around me who believe in me and encourage me to do things I never would’ve thought I had a chance to do. So this post is a thank you letter to them; the people who may not know it, but who are the real sparks behind Girl on Fire. I draw my inspiration from my faith, my family, and my closest friends and I wouldn’t have kept writing if it weren’t for them. Whether it be by teaching me something, saying something that inspired a post, or just reading what I put out there and commenting every time (looking at you, Bella ;), these people are the reasons I started it in the first place and stayed with it for a year.

Thank you so much for believing that I had something to say that was worth reading and for inspiring me to be a better person and learn throughout my own journey. You all make the real difference and I’m super thankful to know each of you!

Thanks for such a great year and I’m looking forward to seeing how God chooses to use this blog in the following year!


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Third Shift Thoughts

Ok, first let’s start this out with a huge apology for not posting anything for two months. TWO MONTHS!!!! I feel awful for letting it be that long before posting…

I would make an excuse about how my job has been keeping me busy a lot of the time and how my impending move has been pushing back all my inspiration, but the reality of it is that my blog has just had to take a backseat to all the other things I’ve given my time to and with all that occupies my mind on a daily basis, I haven’t thought of any really good content to post. That being said, I’m now breaking the two month streak of being absent and I am hoping to post a little more often, or once a month at the very least.

Now that the apology is out of the way, the post I have for you today is all about the randomness my mind comes up with while I’m at work. I work third shift (from 10pm to 7am) and we don’t really have a ton of stuff to do because I’m a cashier. When there’s no customers, my job is to make sure everything is in order in my isle, a task that takes maybe all of five minutes, and the rest of the time is usually spent waiting for breaks and lunch or watching the minutes tick away for an eternity. So in that time of waiting, my mind tends to wander across a broad span of topics, from book ideas and stories, to odd questions and random thoughts. I’ve compiled a list of these random thoughts and interesting nonsensical questions in the hopes that you may be able to relate and ponder them with me, or at the very least laugh at my odd mind. Also, for the sake of the funny aspect, I have not Googled any of these questions to find out actual answers because then I wouldn’t have a blog post, and who has time for that anyway…


“What exactly is a hedgehog? Are they a rodent?”

“If a store always has their prices marked down, is it really a sale? Or have the markdowns just become the actual prices?”

“There are books that teach you how to read. But if you can’t read, how is the book going to teach you?”

“Who came up with the idea of hugging (or kissing, for that matter) and how did it become an acceptable form of showing affection?”

“Does the potato have so many uses just because people haven’t stopped experimenting with how to cook it?”

“Why does fire give off light?”

“Are mice actually ‘as quiet as mice?’ And if they were actually that quiet, how would you know they were in the walls of your house? I think the phrase should be changed to, ‘as quiet as a spider’ because those little creeps can sneak right up on you and climb all over you without you knowing it…”

“Is it bad to eat expired candy?”

“Are romance books actually that popular of a genre if there are so many at thrift stores all the time?”

“How many working VHS players are still out there?”

“Who was the person who looked at stuff like snails and fish eggs and said, “yeah, I bet I could eat that.” …and then did?”

“Are ladybugs actually all ladies? And if not, do the male ladybugs ever get offended that people assume they’re women?”


That’s all I have for the moment, but trust me when I say that there will most likely be a part two, because my mind always comes up with all kinds of random things…

Let me know in the comments what kind of random things you think about when you have nothing to do! And again, so sorry for abandoning this blog for so long 🙂