Ways To Beat Sadness

No matter how positive of a person you are, we all get those days where we are just…sad. Not depressed, not angry, but just sad. Maybe something happened (or didn’t happen) or maybe you just woke up wrong and nothing will go your way. I have found that the hardest thing about days like this is trying to pull yourself out of it. However, I have compiled here for you a few ways to pull yourself out of your sadness and help you be positive again.


Tip 1: Don’t listen to sad music.

Honestly, I never understood the people who listen to sad music when they’re sad. Sad music doesn’t do anything besides pull you in deeper. Personally, I like listening to upbeat music or a movie soundtrack. Good upbeat music would be Skillet or Lindsey Stirling. And a good movie soundtrack is Hugo or Merlin (the BBC series). Or maybe you just want to block out your own thoughts and rest some. I’ve got you covered there too. My favorite white noise to listen to is rain and thunder so I would highly recommend that. Rain on dry leaves is one of my favorites.

Tip 2: Have breakfast.

There’s a reason why everyone loves breakfast; it’s comfort food. Whether you want to go all out and have biscuits, gravy, bacon, eggs, and orange juice or if you want to go simple with a bowl of cereal, I cannot suggest this one enough. There’s something nice about making yourself a nice meal and sitting down to enjoy it and forgetting everything you’re worrying about. Also, tea washes down everything nicely too, so I would suggest a good cup of earl gray.

Tip 3: Light a candle.

Seriously though, have you ever caught yourself zoning out while staring at fire? Just me? Well…I always knew I was weird… Anyway, a candle is super relaxing and it helps if you pick a scent you really enjoy (as if you would pick one you hate…). My favorite is vanilla or pumpkin. But if you want to feel energized and happy, pick a citrus scent.

Tip 4: Take a shower.

I suggest this for everything, but that’s because a shower can cure anything. Suffering from boredom? Shower. Just broke up? Shower. Broke your leg? Shower…at the hospital. Taking a shower or bath helps reset your mood and clear your head. And it makes you clean and you smell good after so…how is this a bad plan?

Tip 5: Get out of the house.

Failing all else, go somewhere. Even if you walk or drive to the middle of nowhere, get out and get some fresh air. Much like the shower, this helps you refocus and relax. Find someplace that you’ve never been before and explore some. Maybe try walking around a store and people watching or visiting a park.


Tip 6: Find a friend or phone one.

Good friends are there for you when you need them most. They have the power to make you smile when you are sad and they can cheer you up when you can’t imagine laughing. A friend is the ear you can rant to and can provide you a new way of looking at things since they aren’t directly involved in the situation. Friends are a great source of comfort and are really the best for pulling you out of a bout of sadness. And remember this favor for when your friend needs you to be there for them next time.


Tip 7: Rant about it.

Now, I don’t mean rant about it on Facebook or call everyone you know and hash everything out. What this means is get a paper and write everything out or just stand in your room and rant to the wall. Even if you aren’t sure why you feel the way you do, just start talking and eventually you will stumble on the thing that is making you sad. This is especially helpful if you are a person like me who sometimes can’t figure out your feelings for days.


I hope these help some. I have personally tried all of these and I can vouch for their effectiveness. So, whether you are going through a sad spell at the moment, or there is someone you know who is, try these tips to help you get back on your feet.