Blogmas Day 10: Hosting a Holiday Tea



Tea parties are one of my all time favorite things to do and I love hosting them. So what could be better than combining my favorite activity with my favorite holiday? My mom and us girls hosted a few Christmas teas in our time and though it’s been a while, I still think I have the hosting down 🙂 Here I will give you a list of things you can do to host a great party. I hope you enjoy!

Themes are important for the tea as they provide a good guideline for the kind of decorations to use, food to serve, and activities to include. And around Christmas there are so many different and interesting ideas to go with. If you don’t really fancy any of the suggestions I have here, try going to a craft store like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and look at their craft and party stuff to get ideas. Th ideas I’ll lay out here are: Gingerbread, Christmas Trees, Snow, Candy Canes (or Peppermint), and a Fancy Victorian Tea.




Gingerbread is one of the easiest themes to do, at least as far as table decorations go. What we did when we hosted it was take a few gingerbread house kits and put up (undecorated) a day before. Then you can use them as the centerpieces for the tables along with the decorating icing and any decoration candies of your choice. Then your guests can decorate the one at their table and at the end of a party, a judge chooses the best and the table wins a prize.

Christmas Trees:

You can use much the same idea for this one. Get a couple of the small trees at the store and use them as the centerpiece of the tables along with some small garland and ornaments. The prettiest one wins the table a prize.


Snow is fun because you can just play off the silver and white theme of snow in general White lights and simple things like cranberries and pine cones can be used as a centerpiece, or you can fill a candle holder with Epsom salts and a red candle to make a pretty piece for the tables. And of course, paper snowflakes are a must for the decorations.


Red and white (of course). This one is simple and pretty and can be taken care of with a trip to the craft store. Lights are nice when used as a border around the tables but you might want to try the battery powered ones as they are easier to deal with and don’t get as hot as the other ones do.

Fancy Victorian Tea:

The theme for this one is all about Victorian elegance and classic Victorian Christmas decorations are a must. Candles in place of string lights, paper snowflakes, and more nature inspired centerpieces.



Gingerbread theme:

Gingerbread tea is an okay choice but in my experience, it isn’t the best tasting stuff. Also it might be a little too much on top of the gingerbread cookies and such that you’re serving. However, that is your choice. But as for myself I would probably opt for a hot chocolate instead.

Christmas Trees:

This theme leaves the tea paring up to the imagination. Something Christmasy would be perfect and I love the Twinnings Christmas Tea Blend for this time of year.


Once again, I would go for hot chocolate on this one because I think it suits the theme of snow so well. Additionally you could pair a white tea instead to go along with the white theme of everything.


Need I say this one? Of course, plain peppermint tea is nice but I would suggest you try Celestial Seasoning’s Candy Cane Lane tea. It’s slightly sweeter than the normal peppermint and much more festive.

Fancy Victorian:

I would say for this one to go with the Christmas Tea fro Twinnings again, or try a nice Vanilla Chai.


This is a little less detailed than I would’ve liked but hopefully next time I will have pictures 🙂 Look for another post on Wednesday!


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