Blogmas Day 4: Holiday Favorites with Friends!



We all love Christmas and to an extent it’s the same for most people. But in some things, our experiences can be different and there is different things we remember most or attach more meaning to. I asked my friends on Facebook what some of their favorites were and here are the answers I got. Feel free to answer with your favorites in the comments!


Favorite holiday treat?

Micah: My Grandma’s fudge (it will melt your face!)

Vonda: Pfeffernusse (a spice cookie from Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.)

Trinity: My Mom’s cinnamon rolls

Anna: Peanut butter pie!

Jerry: Peanut butter fudge

Bella: Cookies!

Mom: Fudge


Favorite holiday tradition:

Micah: Christmas tree huntin’ (and squatch huntin’)

Vonda: Watching White Christmas

Trinity: Spending time with family

Anna: Telling children Santa isn’t bringing them gifts (kidding). Looking at Christmas lights.

Jerry: Driving, looking at Christmas lights

Bella: Making biscuits and singing “happy birthday” to Jesus on Christmas morning

Mom: Christmas crackers


Favorite Christmas Carol:

Micah: Have a holly jolly Christmas (Sinatra is the best)

Vonda: O Holy Night

Trinity: Angels We Have Heard on High

Anna: My favorite Christmas story

Jerry: Twelve Days of Christmas

Bella: O Holy Night

Mom: O Holy Night


Favorite Christmas memory:

Micah: The year I got a Ninja Turtles car complete with launching man-hole covers

Vonda: The year my dad got his Bah Humbug door knocker

Trinity: The year I got to spend the whole day opening and playing with presents

Anna: When my family went *Hooky Bobbin’ and my sister took out a mail box

Bella: Hmm, hard one…I’ll have to think about that πŸ™‚

Mom: They all sort of blend together


What is the best thing about December?


Vonda: It’s the last month of the year

Trinity: Snow

Anna: People are nicer to each other in December

Bella: The opportunity to give to others πŸ™‚

Mom: Decorations everywhere!!


*I put this down here in case you didn’t know what Hooky Bobbin’ is. Apparently it’s where you tie an inner tube to the back of a truck and go driving in the snow with people riding in the inner tube. Kind of like sledding but being pulled by a vehicle. And with a lot more danger. But also a lot more fun πŸ™‚ I’m down to go try it if anyone wants to join me XD


I’ll answer these questions for myself in another post soon πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to leave your answers in the comments!



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