Blogmas Day 2: November Faves!



Welcome again to The 12 Days Of Blogmas! I’m so excited that you’ve joined me for another post 🙂 Today I have for you a list of my November Favorites! Now, unlike a “good and professional blogger” I forgot to write down what I liked for this month…so it probably won’t be as complete as it could’ve been. That being said, I was also super busy this month so I wasn’t able to do and try as much seasonal stuff as I wanted, so there’s that too. But please forgive me and I hope you enjoy this post 🙂



My makeup faves are always what dominate these posts but I’ll try to keep it at a reasonable number 🙂

First I have my elf “Matte for Plum” eyeshadow pallet. It creates a super nice base for any makeup look and you can wear it as it is, or dress it up some with a dark lipstick (mentioned below)

Next I have the elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black that I’ve been using almost every day. It’s so much easier to apply than a liquid eyeliner and it stays on forever 🙂

In the category for nice dark winter lipsticks I have elf matte lipstick in the color Razzle Dazzle Red, and one given to me for my birthday (thanks Bestie 🙂 which is L.A. Colors in the color Charmed. Both are a really nice color and when applied with a lip brush, stay on for a long time.

Also, this month I had my first experience with applying false eyelashes and I learned not to attempt to put them on when you are running super late to a party because you will mess everything up and get frustrated and leave them off anyway 🙂 So there’s that…



Now, I don’t really have any clothing faves for this month because I wear pretty much the same thing every day. But it would be a shame for me not to mention this EPIC cloak that was made for me by a really good friend (shout out to you Tristan, you did an amazing job 🙂 And true to the nerdy soul that I am, I have been wearing it to not only battle my fainthearted enemies, but also to chill around the house in (in fact, I’m wearing it as I write this right now!).



This is also one of my favorite categories to do but especially this time because I actually have found some time to get back into reading!

I borrowed a book from another good friend of mine (aren’t my friends the best?! You rock, Anna 🙂 and I have been thoroughly enjoying the read. The book is called Captivating authored by John and Stasi Eldredge and is about how God can restore the captivating beauty of the woman’s soul as the crown of Creation. Really, I would suggest that everyone take the time to read this book 🙂


I also purchased and have been reading Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction. It’s pretty much exactly what the title suggests. Very informative and has a lot of amazing advice from authors Orson Scott Card, Philip Athans, Jay Lake, and the editors of Writer’s Digest. I’m only three chapters through it, but it has been so helpful in the planning of at least two of my stories in progress, if not more 🙂


And I think that just about sums it up 🙂 What we’re your favorites for November? And don’t forget to come back on Friday for another Blogmas post!



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