10 things thrift stores have that you shouldn’t buy

Thrift stores are a storehouse of useful and pointless things mixed together with a hint of that weird neighbor smell and generally one or two crying kids, all shoved inside a claustrophobic building where that one light flickers and makes you feel like you’re in some horror film. But what’s really interesting about the thrift store is when you see those items that you know no one in their right mind would ever buy. This post is based on one I’ve done before in my other blog, but since it was one of my favorites to do I decided to revisit it 🙂  Here are 10 of those such things:


A glass hanging of three bananas

A curling iron in a basket (but only if it’s a packaged deal)

6 boxes of those little paper cups that they put ketchup in at restaurants

Feminine hygiene products (not used I hope…)

A purple desk (painted very badly I might add)

The entire Twilight series

Underwear (seriously?)

A package of mismatched socks (like not even the same size or anything)

An entire drawer of butter knives

An American flag (who donates an American flag?!?! Where’s your patriotism?!?!)


That’s what I have for this time. Until the next time I visit the thrift store that is…


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