You might an introvert if…

Now, I don’t know about most of you readers but I’m a huge introvert. If you don’t know what an introvert is, it’s simple; an introvert is a person who draws their energy from being on their own. That is, we don’t especially mind the company of others but most of the time we’re totally in the zone when we’re alone. Here are some reasons why you might be an introvert!


1. You might be an introvert if…unexpected phone calls are the Devil himself.

You know the moment: you’re sitting somewhere minding your own business, not worried and pretty relaxed, and then BAM…the phone rings. As the terrifying noise of your once expectant ring tone fills the air around you, you wonder for a moment if you can just ignore it. Even if it’s a friend, the thought of having to answer the phone fills you with dread. And so you ignore it and go about your business. And this is why you have no friends.


2. You might be an introvert if…actually having to place the call is worse.

If you’re anything like me you have to mentally prepare yourself to make this call. You will probably even go so far as to write out a script for the call (including appropriate pauses and reminders to breathe and slow down) and you run through it a few times while pacing the floor like an actor about to enter the stage. You dial the numbers with shaking fingers and as you press the call button, your heart drops to your shoes. Then you convince yourself that it’s not that important and so you hang up before they can answer.


3. You might be an introvert if…you don’t talk to people because you feel like you’re bothering them.

I have done this for as long as I can remember. I really want to go up and talk to someone, but I can’t. Not that I don’t have anything to say but because I feel like if they wanted to talk to me, they would come up and do it. I feel like if I go and try to talk to them, I’m annoying them and wasting their time. And so I don’t. It’s because of this that I am seen as being quiet and shy when in reality, I would just prefer it if you would start the conversation.


4. You might be an introvert if…people always think you’re mad because you don’t say anything.

Maybe you’re quiet because of the above reason or maybe you just have nothing to say, but when you are an introvert you worry that people won’t see it that way. I’m usually quiet in conversations because I have nothing of value to add and therefore, I don’t say anything.


5. You might be an introvert if…you are good at listening to people.

I don’t mean the casual listening to conversations. I’m talking about that listening to and remembering of things that seem unimportant. Like maybe you have an interest in a certain book series that no one knows about or maybe you’re good at drawing but you never talk about it. It’s things like that I see and pick up on and remember. And it isn’t in a creepy way. I figure that if I have such a hard time making friends, I better have something to talk about the first time I speak to you. On second thought, maybe that does sound a little creepy but I don’t mean it to be…I promise 🙂


Let me know some other reasons you might be an introvert in the comments and I would love to hear your struggles with social interaction!


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