Five Things I Don’t Understand

I will admit, there are a lot of things about modern day that I don’t understand. Especially when it comes to pop culture and people my age. Here are ten such things that I don’t understand. Leave a comment if you can help me wrap my head around some of these things!

Five Things I Don't Understand

1: I don’t understand: Why capes and cloaks aren’t a good fashion statement any more.

In fact, why did these ever go out of fashion? They can be made of heavy fabric so they can keep you warm, they can be made of light fabric to be cooler, they have hoods so you won’t ever be caught without an umbrella, they’re great for camouflage should the need arise, they go with everything, and honestly…you just look freaking cool wearing them. I say we need to bring these amazing garments back into style!! Who’s with me?!?! No one?…ok 😦


2. I don’t understand: Messy hairstyles.

Why would you take 10+ minutes and at least three different styling products to make your hair look like you slept in the style? My hair always looks like that, and I spend 10+ minutes trying to fix it!


3. I don’t understand: Eyebrows.

Not their function; I understand that. I’m talking about why people draw them on. If you have thin brows, okay, I get you. But to everyone else; just why? People are  going to know that you don’t actually have rectangular eyebrows.


3. I don’t understand: Celebrities

Why to the people who get to be famous people who hold a political opinion (that happens to be held by a lot of other people), have minor talent, or dress half-naked all the time and act gross? Shouldn’t you be famous for the good things you do, the people you help, standing out from the crowd, and changing the things that matter? Or maybe that’s just me. And the Kardashians? Just why?


4. I don’t understand: Girls with long hair.

No, I’m not saying that I don’t understand long hair. As someone with really long hair, I totally get it. What I don’t understand is when girls wear their hair down in inconvenient situations. If you’re doing anything active, pull your hair up and out of the way. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look cute, heck it could look like you put a very unhappy bird’s nest on your head. But what matters is that you can focus on the task and you’re being safe. Yes, having your hair down can actually be dangerous. Just saying…



5. I don’t understand: What is wrong with being cheep?!

I love saving money. On everything. None of my clothes are name brand and a lot of them come from the thrift store. I think paying more than $5.00 for makeup is expensive. And I don’t normally buy stuff unless it’s on sale. But, apparently this is frowned upon…

However I will fully justify spending $25 on a brand new book series if it’s one I really enjoyed and I’ve been wanting it for a while. I’m weird 🙂


Anyway, there’s Five Things I Don’t Understand. I hope you could relate to some of them! Let me know what some modern stuff you don’t understand!


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