You might be a book lover if…

To me, book lovers are the best kind of people. Rather than being obsessed with sports teams or celebrities, book lovers are obsessed with a new release or an old classic and are perfectly at home sitting quietly and absorbing a good book. Anyway, here are some ways that you might be a book lover…

You might be a book lover if...

You might be a book lover if…going into a library or bookstore feels like meeting old friends. Sometimes when I’m in the book storeΒ  I like to walk along the shelves and find the books that I’ve already read and pick them up and page through them. I’m not going to buy them or anything but holding the book and reminding myself of the story makes me happy and nostalgic.


You might be a book lover if…you can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t love reading. Every book lover has encountered that person who says they “don’t read.” And when we meet this person, we wonder how they can live. What else do they do all day?! How can they not enjoy reading? Reading is awesome! I can clearly see worlds and stories unfolding in my head, I can detach from the world I live in and be a hero in another, I can experience so many different things, just because I love to decipher ink written on flat trees. Reading is the best thing ever.


You might be a book lover if…Tolkien is who you aspire to be as an author. Now, maybe it’s just the lover of good fantasy or the author who understands this one, but to me Tolkien is the best author in the universe. Pouring the various books of his histories and extended stories is the perfect way to spend a day inside and I know characters inside and out. But try as I might, I can’t write as well as him for anything. And that thought makes me sad.


You might be a book lover if…you feel on the verge of tears when someone mistreats a book. Flipping a book on it’s face to mark your spot, dog earring a page, highlighting or writing in it, staining the pages, or (Lord forbid!!) ripping it!! When I see these monstrosities I have the urge to confiscate the book until the person promises to treat it better.


You might be a book lover if…you live for the smell of books. There is really nothing quite like the smell of a book. And all books smell different. Old books, new books, paperback, hardback, thrift store books, library books, etc. All of them have a different smell, but they all have one thing in common. The smell of books (any kind) conjures up images of sitting in a personal library curled up on a window seat with the rain outside and a good cup of tea. But that’s just for me πŸ™‚


So, are you a book lover? Leave a comment and let me know!




3 thoughts on “You might be a book lover if…

  1. Haha very true! πŸ™‚ And you don’t give yourself enough credit with writing, bestie! Although I’ve never read Tolkien (I know, I’m sorry), I think you’d be just as good. πŸ˜‰ (that holds no bias at all lol)

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