Skillet Unleashed Reaction and Review

skillet unleashed album

Skillet is a Christian rock band that is one of my all time favorite bands to listen to. I got the chance to see them in concert this past November at Winter Jam and they were amazing! Here’s a little spotlight on the band and their newest album Unleashed!



John Cooper (bass, vocals) middle left

Korey Cooper (guitar, keys) middle right

Seth Morison (guitar) far right

Jen Ledger (drums, female vocals) far left

Skillet was started in 1996 by John and the only original members now are he and his wife, Korey.

They have released nine albums with their most recent one, “Unleashed” released the beginning of this month. Their albums are:


Hey You, I Love Your Soul


Ardent Worship

Alien Youth





and Unleashed

Unleashed was released on August 5th and I listened to the whole thing that night. The whole album itself is amazing! It kind of tells a story that goes along with the previous album (Rise) which is that you can take charge, make a change, and Rise šŸ™‚ Now you’re Unleashed. Get it? šŸ™‚

Now, lets talk about the sound of the album as a whole. It has been described by many as having too much of a “pop-ish” sound that isn’t really Skillet. I happen to disagree with this slightly and I’ll explain why. Skillet still has their signature sound of “symphonic rock” come through in the album while at the same time incorporating a new sound to mix it up. Agreed, some of the songs do have slight pop and electronic sounds, but I don’t think it takes away from the album as a whole. Do I think this is their best album so far? No, my partiality still stands with Rise as my favorite. But Unleashed takes the #2 spot on the list of “Best Skillet Albums” in my mind šŸ™‚

Let’s talk about the individual songs now.

Unleashed has 12 songs on the album and four were released as singles from June up until the time of the album coming out. The titles are:

Feel Invincible

Back from the Dead


I Want to Live




Out of Hell

Burn it Down

Watching for Comets

Saviors of the World

and The Resistance


My initial reaction to Feel Invincible (which was the first single released) was “This is perfection!” That was pretty much my reaction to all the other singles, to be honest šŸ™‚

Feel Invincible hits you in the face with an intense start and I love that. It pulls you into the album and sets it up perfectly. It’s up there on the list of great first songs that Skillet has done with Rise, Hero, and Rebirthing.

Back from the Dead is awesome! Faster paced than most Skillet songs that I can think of, it’s the perfect paring to go after Feel Invincible. The sound of Skillet is very there while still sounding different and interesting. One of my favorite songs of the album šŸ™‚

Stars is the softest song on the album and personally, I think this the single best song Skillet has ever written or could ever write. I mainly believe this because of the powerful lyrics. It is one of the most worshipful songs Skillet has done and is alongside my other all time favorite Skillet song, Battle Cry. It isn’t about the music so much for this song, the lyrics are where all the action is. One such amazing lyric goes, “If You can calm a raging sea then You can calm a storm in me. You’re never too far away, You never show up too late. So here I am, lifting up my heart to the One who holds the stars.” If more people could write heartfelt and beautiful lines like these, I might not be so opposed to secular musicians šŸ™‚


I Want to Live gets a 5 star rating from me right from the start simply because of the string opening. This is one of Skillet’s finest songs. It has everything they’re known for: strings, rock, Jen’s voice… In my opinion, it’s the best song of the album second to Stars.

Undefeated is very reminiscent of older Skillet songs such as songs from Comatose and Collide. It’s a kind of battle cry of empowerment and the music and lyrics mix perfectly. One of my favorites of all time.

Famous and Lions I’m going to review together simply because they’re not my favorites. The lyrics are good and meaningful, but they sound like songs any other contemporary christian artist could do.

Out of Hell is the hardest rock song on the album in my opinion. I love it, but at this point, I haven’t listened to it enough to have a very good idea of how to review it. The same goes for Watching for Comets and Saviors of the World. All three of these are really good songs (Watching for Comets is another slow song like Stars) but I haven’t listened to them enough to have a good review. So, maybe I’ll do a different post about them šŸ˜‰

The Resistance is the perfect finisher for the album. It sounds very similar to Rise and I think the two would go beautifully together. The idea of The Resistance is a call to rise up, make a change, and resist those who put you down. The Resistance perfectly finishes off the album and wraps up the story that the album was telling. It gets the point across with a song that makes you want to flip tables and start a revolution.

To conclude and wrap everything up, Unleashed is a really great album to listen to, whether you’ve never heard Skillet’s music before, or if you’re a seasoned “Panhead.” Like I said at the beginning, my favorite album is still Rise, but Unleashed is a very close second.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of Unleashed and what other albums of songs you would like me to review! I’m up for anything (it doesn’t have to be Skillet)!Ā  šŸ™‚ I’m also tagging Bella Morganthal to do this same post on her blog Worth it All!



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