Weird things I thought as a child

As kids, we’ve all thought some weird things were true that really weren’t. Here are a few such things that I thought. Comment and tell me what kinds of strange things you thought as a child!


I thought: You could get pregnant from a kiss.

It’s not that weird to think this because I think most kids have this idea. Growing up knowing that kissing is something married people do and also knowing that married people have children, it was safe to assume that the two were connected. What is probably a little weirder is that I thought that this was true until I was about 14…


I thought: Babies were born out of their mom’s bellybutton.

I actually have no idea why I thought this…

I also remember thinking that (because of the conception process mentioned above) that babies grew in the mom’s stomach and when they’re born, they would come out of the mom’s mouth.

Too much personal information about my thought process? Yeah? Okay, I’ll just leave now…


I thought: The couch from The Big Comfy Couch was real.

That is, you could buy a couch that’s bigger on the inside (confirmed, Loonette is a Time Lord…) and use it to store all your stuff in. Kind of a good idea though because then your house would always be clean. However, you also wouldn’t be able to find anything.


I thought: Credit/Debit cards had unlimited money on them.

I pretty sure that all little kids think this to be true. It seems like they these cards have a boundless source of money when your parents just swipe them and walk away. I often wondered why more people didn’t have mansions and other cool stuff. At one point I also thought it would be super cheep to buy an island…


I thought: Witchcraft was a craft show.

That’s right, I thought that witchcraft was a DIY craft show hosted by ladies with green skin and who wore tall, black hats. I also thought Harry Potter was a show that featured these crafty women.


I thought: All wardrobes led to Narnia.

Surprise! They don’t 😦 Much to my disappointment.


I thought: I was born knowing how to read.

I could never remember a time when I didn’t know how to read and because of this, I thought I had just always known how to.


I thought: Pepsi and Coffee were only for adults.

I was told that I couldn’t have these two drinks because they were only for adults. Because of this, I thought that it would make me grow up.

I was also told by my dad that coffee would put hair on your chest. And (being the smart girl I was) knew that girls didn’t have hair on their chest, and therefore girls couldn’t drink coffee. You can imagine my horror when my mom started drinking coffee.


I thought: Everyone got a present, regardless of who’s birthday it was.

On birthdays in our house, everyone gets a present (just something small if it isn’t your birthday). I thought for the longest time that that’s what every family did. Apparently, it doesn’t work like that.


That’s all I have for this post. Let me know if you want a part two and I’ll try and make it happen. I’m sure that if I thought hard enough, there are plenty of other weird things I thought as a kid.


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