Rainy Day Relaxiations

Those of you who live near me know that today was fairly overcast and rainy. And many of you who know me know that this is my favorite kind of weather. Sunny days are great but for me, nothing beats a cloudy day and a good rain. So here are some things that I would suggest you do to fully appreciate the rain.



First things first, the windows must be opened. What’s the enjoyment in the rain if you can’t hear it? That’s kind of the whole point. The only time this isn’t the first choice is if it’s windy in addition the the rain. That just makes the house cold and it makes reading hard.

Find a quiet place (next to a window, preferably). While you have the windows open it’s best to find a quiet place next to one where you can enjoy the rain. Next, grab a blanket and several pillows and make yourself a nest worthy of an eagle (don’t do that though because eagle nests are a mess). Rather make a nest worthy of…um…a different bird that also makes nests.

Now you’ll need to acquire a mug of the hot beverage of your choice. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, nor am I really into hot chocolate. Tea is where it’s at for me. Green tea, Earl Grey, Chai, just a good cup of tea and I’m happy.

Lastly, you’ll need to find a good book. Now, see that i didn’t say just any book. The art of book choosing for reading with rain is a very delicate process and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can’t accurately enjoy the classy feeling of your nest next to the window with your tea if you’re reading Percy Jackson (no offense to Percy but not really a classy book). My choices would be something by Tolkien, Lewis, or Austin. Poetry is also acceptable but should fit the theme.

I hope that this offered you some help in choosing what to do when the day turns rainy. Please comment and tell me what your favorite thing to do in the rain is ๐Ÿ™‚


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