Five People Who Inspire Me


Everyone has someone who they look up to; who inspires them. Here are Five People Who Inspire Me!

Joel and Luke Smallbone.

Yes, I had to start with them because my current obsession will have it no other way XD Joel and Luke are the lead performers for the band for King and Country and they are both such a great inspiration. One of their main messages is that chivalry isn’t dead and that a woman should be treated with respect and honor. That a woman’s worth isn’t cheep. And that is an inspiring message, don’t you think? Their song Priceless drives this point home and is a really uplifting song to listen to. And I firmly believe that they are unable to write a bad song XD

Christina Grimmie:

I only knew of Christina’s existence since last November but I fell in love with her voice when I heard her cover of Titanium. Christina was such an inspiring person. She was a Christian an didn’t shy away from her beliefs. She let people know what she believed in and she still was famous. She started her YouTube channel in 2008 and made it to third place on The Voice. She also released an album and was working on a second one. It’s so amazing to see someone so young (she was 22 when she was killed) do so many great things. I was deeply saddened by her loss and I know so many others were as well. She will be missed.

Isabella Morganthal:

I like to tell people that I didn’t have a best friend for the first 14 years of my life until I met Bella. And its true. Of course, I had those people who I called “friends” but they were really just people I knew who I would hang out with occasionally. But Bella is vastly different. See, out of all the many unique elements of the friendship between Bella and I, our friendship started with a letter. In the summer of 2012 I send in a pen-pal add to a ladies newsletter that Bella and I both subscribed to. She replied and from there we became friends. I don’t know when exactly we became “friends forever” but every July 7th (when Bella wrote her reply letter) we celebrate the “start of our forever.” Yes, kind of a weird thing to do, but I never said that we were normal 🙂

Bella is the most inspirational person I know. Only 19 and she’s already written and published two books (almost done with a third), she’s competed in the Bible Bee 5 times and made it to Nationals her last year in 2015. But the most amazing thing about her is that Bella was called to be an abolitionist when God called her to Uganda at only age 11! It’s because of Bella that I realized that my passion was abolition as well 🙂

I could go on all day about how much I don’t deserve a friend as good as Bella. I could never be as good of a friend as she is. So this is for you Bella. Thanks for being my constant inspiration 🙂

Mom and Dad:

I will admit, I wasn’t the best kid. Especially in my teens (yes, I do realize that I am still technically a teen but I’m talking more like 14 to about 17). I blame a lot of this on the kind of people I was around, and the only people I was ever around since I was homeschooled was the kids at my youth group. For some reason I looked at those kids who had all the friends, who always had people talking to them, who seemed to have more fun then I did, and I thought that my life wasn’t as good as theirs. I thought there was something wrong with me that made people not like me, and I blamed that feeling on my parents. I thought they had done me some kind of injustice by not raising my like what I perceived a “normal” kid was. I was angry all the time and I couldn’t wait to leave when I got old enough. How wrong I was. I never realized that I was blessed to have parents who cared about me enough to put their needs on the back burner to take care of me. That my mom would never be taken seriously because the homeschooled me and my siblings.

My parents taught me so much. Not only just teaching us from books (though that’s where I got my love of reading and classic literature:) but also just talking to us. I remember that from a young age we would often get sidetracked from what we were doing because we got talking about something totally random but very informative. And now we sit down in the evening to pray and end up talking for an hour about theology or another equally interesting subject.

The whole point of that mini rant is that my parents are my greatest inspiration because they never gave up on my, even when I convinced myself that I hated them. They let me make my own mistakes (like insisting on going to youth group even though it tore my down rather then taught me) and they are there when I have some kind of issue I’m working through. So, thanks Mom and Dad for being my highest inspiration 🙂





One thought on “Five People Who Inspire Me

  1. You are the best ❤ and I love you so 🙂 And no we're not normal XD I loved this post 🙂 I am honored to have inspired you, because YOU inspire me every day. 🙂 I hope one day I can be as strong as you ❤

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