July Challenge!



I’m starting a series of sorts here on my blog at the end of each month where I present a challenge to myself and you, readers. In the month following the post, you and I will try our hardest to complete the challenge. Then at the time of the next challenge post, I want you to comment with how you completed the previous challenge! You will see through this experience how easy it is to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. And nothing feels better then knowing that you helped someone else along the way!

The idea for this series came to me one day while I was at work (all the best ideas come to me there XD ). At the beginning of each year we make New Year’s Resolutions to complete (or fail at like I do) in the year ahead. But instead of saying you’ll do a whole bunch of things at the beginning of the year and then forgetting about it the next month, I thought that little challenges each month would be a whole lot more manageable. Thus, the idea was born…

On to the challenge!

In July, we Americans celebrate Independence Day on the 4th. Independence Day is about celebrating our freedom and enjoying the blessings that living in a free country can offer. However, freedom isn’t about doing whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. Freedom is about having the power to make a difference. It’s about being able to live without fear. And though Americans are free, not everyone in the world is.

I am, of course, talking about modern slavery. If you know me remotely well at all, you will most likely know that I am very passionate about abolition. So this month the challenge is to do something about human trafficking! Below I have compiled a list of my favorite websites for abolition!

Do what you will with the resources, weather you donate or just take the resources and tell someone else about them. Please join in this challenge with me to put an end to human trafficking and grant others the freedom that we all enjoy!

Thanks so much!




Hope Outfitters (https://www.hopeoutfitters.com/)

Hope Outfitters is really cool in the fact that (unlike many other organizations) they give 100% of their proceeds to their campaign. This month they’re running the campaign “Forever Free” which will free women and children in sexual slavery in Cambodia.


3 Strands Global (http://www.3strandsglobal.com/)

3 Strands was founded by a 17 year old girl after she had been trafficked into sexual slavery for eight days. Now, 3 Strands not only has many beautiful products for sale to support their abolition cause, they have also partnered with Christian singer Colton Dixon to raise awareness.


Free The Slaves (http://www.freetheslaves.net/)

Free The Slaves is my go-to site for slavery stats and facts. It has some of the best printable resources available and I would highly recommend you check their site out.


The End It Movement (http://enditmovement.com/)

The End It Movement is a coalition of the world’s leading organizations in abolition including:

The Polaris Project (http://polarisproject.org/)

The A21 Campaign (http://www.a21.org)

The International Justice Mission (https://www.ijm.org/)

The Not For Sale Campaign ( https://www.notforsalecampaign.org/)

Love146 (https://love146.org/)


Compassion International (http://www.compassion.com/)

Compassion is one of my favorite organizations mostly because I have personal experience with their program. My family has sponsored children through Compassion for six years and it’s a really great ministry. Through Compassion my family has been able volunteer at a couple concerts and we have got to see first hand how people are move to sponsor  children. If you only want to check out one site that I’ve linked here, this one would be my first choice.


There is my list! I hope you all join with me in this to help hake a difference in July!




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