Quote Challenge: Day 3!

Welcome to the last day of the Quote Challenge! I’ve had so much fun doing this; I might have to revisit this “series” another time 🙂 Many thanks to Hop Ann (https://authorhopeann.com/blog/) for the amazing challenge! It was a lot of fun!

The rules are these:

Thank the person  who tagged you (Thanks so much Hope Ann, I was running out of ideas XD)

Nominate 3 new bloggers a day (I only know of 3 bloggers so I will nominate one a day 🙂

Post a new quote a day for 3 consecutive days (most likely I will post more than that because there are just too many good ones to chose from 🙂

_Durring times of universal

_They can't take us down if we stand our ground,If we liveif we die, we will shout outour battle cry._

_Living by faith includes the call to something greater than cowardly self-preservation._

Blogger I tag:

Beth Hale (thisredeemedgirl.blogspot.com)

Until Monday!




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