Music To Empower


Our society today has the twisted idea that for a song to be empowering it has to be flipping off the male gender and telling women that we have control. I completely disagree with this though because to me, empowerment means something completely different. Empowerment to me is picking yourself up, shaking off the dust of the world, and doing something great. Even if no one stands with you.

Music has a unique ability that most other forms of media doesn’t have. Music has the ability to make us feel a variety of emotions from depressed and sad, to happy and empowered. That last feeling is the one I want to talk about today. When you’re down and you feel like you just keep failing, here are a list of songs that will pick you back up again and make you feel like you can conquer the world.

Battle Cry: Skillet

Skillet is one of my all time favorite bands. This song is off their Rise album, but only the deluxe edition. It’s my go to song when I feel like giving up and quitting.

Stronger Than You Think: Fireflight

This song is all about being underestimated and proving the enemy wrong. But it can also be taken in a different way because it could be saying that you are stronger than you think you are.

Coat of Arms: Jonathan Thulin

This song is great because it makes you question just what you stand for. Is it worth dying for? Can people see what you fight for? Are you hiding your light away, or are you outshining the stars?

Sick of It: Skillet

Another Skillet song made the top 5 list and for a good reason. Sick of It urges the listeners to find what they’re sick of (slavery, bullying, abuse, poverty, etc) and put an end to it. One line states “take control, it’s now or never” and it really is. If you don’t do something about the issue that plagues your heart, who will?

Untraveled Road: Thousand Foot Krutch

Untraveled Road is all about stepping out where no one else will and doing the things that others are too scared to do. It also talks about leaving a mark, making a difference, before your time is up.

What are some of your favorite empowering songs? I would love to know!



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